Destined to Reign 15th Anniversary Edition

Marriage, Family, and Business Restored

I discovered Joseph Prince’s teachings on grace during a very challenging season in my life. At that time, I had left my job as an intelligence specialist in the army, where I served for eleven years.  

My military service left me with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and this combined with the weight of my misguided faith as a result of Christian teaching and mentorship I had received led to me living a defeated Christian life. When I came out of the military and was attempting to build my own business, a clinical psychologist helped me identify suppressed issues from my time in the army. But this only started a rapid, downward spiral that nearly resulted in me taking my own life.  

I cried out to the Lord for mercy and was guided to Joseph Prince’s book Destined to Reign while in a bookstore one day. It was Pastor Prince’s teachings that kept me focused on the finished work of Jesus over the next five years and from self-harm when my businesses and marriage failed and I was isolated from everyone important to me.

The message of grace given to Pastor Prince was what I turned to during this time when I had no peace and nowhere to go. I began listening to his sermons every day, reading his devotionals and as many of his books as I could.

As I started confessing my righteousness through Christ, the burden of years of wrong teaching lifted. The Word became alive to me again and my life began to transform. I’d developed many wrong beliefs and habits, yet over just a few months, I saw transformation in every area of my life.  

I realized that although I had prayed and studied the Word every day for the past fifteen years, my prayers focused more on the enemy than Jesus. When I was at the point of losing everything, my loving Father showed me all that Jesus did for me on the cross through Pastor Prince’s teachings.

Today I am married to an exceptional and brilliant woman who has taken on my five children as her own. Access to my children has doubled and my relationship with them has been the best it’s ever been! My wife and I have also had a child together. This child has been an incredible blessing to us and has brought our family closer together. My businesses have recovered, grown, and are now set to exceed anything we could have ever hoped for. My Abba Father has revealed to me a love I didn’t know was possible.  

As my wife and I continue to meet the challenges of our busy lives, we do so from a place of rest. We start every day by partaking of the holy Communion and confessing our righteousness in Christ. We also give thanks constantly for our transformed lives because of the ministry of Pastor Prince.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your commitment to sharing the gospel of grace.

Anonymous | Australia

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