Destined to Reign 15th Anniversary Edition

Debt Free, Daughter Transformed, Family Blessed to Be a Blessing

I am reading Destined to Reign for the third time. I would say that I am finally getting deep into my spirit the truth about the grace of God.  

The first time this book was introduced to me, I was $166,000 dollars in debt, my business was failing and my middle child was in rebellion and doing drugs. Things were not going well. As I read the book for the first time, the Lord showed me about my past regret of bad decisions and how the enemy was using that to remind me of my failures. Well, that was dealt with and amazingly I was set free. What a liberating and refreshing feeling not to have that hang over me anymore.  

During the second time reading Destined to Reign, God supernaturally moved through my circumstances and within seven months, I was completely debt free. I cannot even begin to describe the feeling. It is truly amazing.  

Today, I am walking every day free from condemnation and guilt and enjoying my gift of righteousness. My prayer life has definitely changed to be more powerful and with authority.  

Well, guess what has recently happened? My daughter had a 180-degree turnaround. She is now burning hot for the Lord, connected to a local church, reading the Bible, praying and worshipping God again with her guitar. In fact, I had the pleasure of worshipping the Lord with her the other day and the Lord's presence was very strong. All I can say is, “Wow!”  

I have also been offered an amazing job that is supplying more than enough income so we are now in a position of being a blessing. I am fighting back the tears of gratitude as I am writing this praise report. What an amazing God we serve. The gospel is definitely good news!

Tom Vint | Canada

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