Destined to Reign 15th Anniversary Edition

Delivered from 10 Months of Severe Depression

I just read your book, Destined to Reign, and words can’t describe how much I’ve been set free.

I was severely depressed for almost ten months and my condition was worsening by the month. I would get very introspective and self-conscious to the point that I would have anxiety attacks. Sometimes, I would be so worn out from the anxiety that I just wanted to sleep and do nothing.  

I was unmotivated and felt dejected, purposeless, and worthless. It just seemed as if there was no way I could get out of the depressive state. I kept looking at all my actions and just allowed my thoughts to define my identity. My school grades began to suffer and I even had thoughts of suicide.

During this time, I was hungry and desperate for answers from the Lord. I read the Bible, searched out questions and sermons online and read many books. I’d learned so much during this period—about our identity as sons of God, how we are already forgiven, how our thought life is where the battle is, and the power of grace. Yet, each time I tried to apply all this knowledge in my life, it just didn’t work. I still felt depressed.

It was not until I bought and read your book, Destined to Reign, that the huge boulder that was on my shoulders for almost a decade was finally lifted off! I was already a Christian but was only set free after I discovered through your book the true meaning of grace and being saved.  

It was such a simple shift in perspective that I can’t believe I didn’t know this before! It’s not our ability to obey in our thoughts, but it’s Christ’s obedience. Because my new identity is in Christ, I have no more fears as my focus is now on HIM and not on me! Thank you again for your preaching on grace. I am now even more confident and joyful then I was before the depression had even started!

Steven Yang | Canada

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