Destined to Reign 15th Anniversary Edition

Blessed with Good Job, Actively Sharing Gospel

I became a Christian when I was studying in university. One year after graduating, I married my wife who was attending the same church as I was. God blessed us with two boys in our first three years of marriage. But life was not easy during those years. The devil kept blocking us from seeing the truth, love, and grace of Jesus Christ. My family struggled spiritually and financially.  

I kept trying by my own efforts to live the Christian life according to my own understanding. I organized events in church to share the gospel. I led worship frequently and even gathered the people in my village to tell them about Jesus Christ when I visited my hometown. I tried so hard and even resigned from my job, wanting to go into full-time ministry.  

But as Paul said in Romans 10:2–3, I was zealous for God, but it was not based on knowledge. I did not know righteousness came from the Lord and sought to establish my own. I used my own efforts to serve in church and live a pious family life but I failed. I was exhausted. My wife and kids also suffered with me and got hurt.

Despite this, Jesus never forsook me. One day in 2015, I was browsing through some English books left behind by foreigners at church and happened to find a book with a simple front cover with the title Destined to Reign. At that time, I did not know who Joseph Prince was. When I selected the book, someone told me, “You’d better not read Joseph Prince’s book for his teaching is wrong.”  

Nevertheless, I took the book home and began to read it. I was deeply touched and inspired by every word as peace and rest manifested in my heart. I was set free from bondage. I was brought back to the right path by right teaching.  

That same year, God guided me to a translating job I deeply enjoyed. Soon after, He helped me to find a second job as a Christian book translator that provided more income to support my family. My relationship with my family members became stronger, and we even managed to purchase a new and nicer apartment.  

Two years later, God offered me another opportunity to work as an interpreter in Nairobi, Kenya, with a much higher salary. The job also came with other benefits such as having access to Joseph Prince’s books and a lot of free time to study and meditate on the Word. I downloaded hundreds of sermons by Joseph Prince, which I listened to daily, and read his books over and over again. I gained the company’s recognition for my work and was still able to pursue the knowledge of Jesus and His grace. This is something only God can do by His grace.

Since then, I have brought my family to Kenya to live with me, and my wife began to homeschool our kids biblically with faith and by the grace of God. My family and I formed a house church in our apartment where we praised the Lord and read His Word together. I shared my understanding of the Bible with the local Christians in Kenya, and our church had the privilege of helping a small village church.  

I have decided to go to a seminary to be more equipped for ministry. I sensed God’s calling for me, and I know He has something bigger for me to do. He will provide everything I need and all I have to do is follow Him. Everything has changed for good, everything has become new, and it was all done by Jesus Christ.  

May God bless Pastor Prince and his ministry. Thank You, Jesus, for the privilege to write this letter to share my testimony. All praise and glory be unto our Lord Jesus Christ both now and forever!

Joshua Gao | China  

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