Destined to Reign 15th Anniversary Edition

Blessed with Baby Boy After 5 Years

My husband and I had a difficult time trying to conceive a child. After the first two years of trying, we finally got pregnant. But we lost the baby.

With encouragement from my obstetrician-gynecologist, we went through testing to find a root cause, but no conclusive result was found. My doctor suggested trying different medications and when those didn’t work, we tried artificial insemination, which failed too.

Heartbroken, I decided that since God didn’t want me to have a child, I would spend my time helping others and understanding more of His Word. I knew I didn’t totally understand the meaning of God’s grace, so I spent a year studying all about it.  

A friend lent me Pastor Prince’s book Destined to Reign and it changed my whole world. There was a section in the book that spoke about how God actually wanted good things for me, including having a child. I’d never heard this being taught before! I was always taught that in order to receive blessings, it had to be God’s will and sometimes He chooses to withhold good things from us. The gospel of grace radically changed how I viewed my heavenly Father.

I began diving into more of Pastor Prince’s teachings and was especially touched by the testimony of the lady with lumps in her breast who boldly proclaimed that since Jesus doesn’t have lumps in His breast, neither does she. So every morning when I woke up, I would proclaim, “If Jesus doesn’t struggle with infertility, neither do I. As He is, so am I in this world!”

A month after doing that, I conceived a son, after trying for five years! He was born on November 1, sharing the same birthday as me. He is my perfect birthday gift and now at four years old, he is my little champion from the Lord. To God be all the glory!

Jessica Palmer | Florida, United States

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