Destined to Reign 15th Anniversary Edition

Family Restored with Grandchildren

We started listening to Joseph Prince about 10 years ago. At that time, my oldest daughter had given birth to a baby at twenty-four weeks but the baby only lived for three days. It was the hardest thing our family had to endure.  

When I read Destined to Reign and came across the story of a couple who were told they had lost their baby because they had sinned, I cried. My family had been through a horrible time because we were told the same thing—that it was due to our sins.

Pastor Prince told the couple that God loved them and that He would deliver them. They were righteous before God because of Jesus Christ and His finished work. I called my daughter to have her get the book.

I am writing this to tell you of the GREAT deliverance we have seen through Pastor Prince’s ministry. He has shown us Jesus Christ’s perfect work at the cross and that we are absolutely blessed and delivered by His sacrifice.  

My daughter had a baby a year later and when she was in the hospital for three months, we prayed every day for a healthy baby. We spoke the blood of Jesus and His protection over her and knew God would bring a great deliverance to pass. My granddaughter, Amaya, was born as a healthy baby girl! And that time of being together as a family and trusting God was amazing, and it brought us closer together. 

Two years later, my daughter wanted to have more children. She wanted to adopt a child since the doctors told her she has a very high risk of losing additional children. In one sermon, I heard Pastor Prince encourage us to lift up three wishes to God for the coming year. I prayed for more grandchildren and for my family to be restored and healed from all the mental and emotional hurts we’d been carrying. 

We now have a beautiful grandson, Aaron. He was three months old when he came to live with my daughter. It took two years to finalize his adoption. I kept remembering that I had lifted this prayer to God and believed that He would bring it to pass. When Aaron was seven months old, my daughter got a call for a newborn baby girl who needed a home. Gabriella was brought home and her adoption was completed within a year. 

Needless to say, my daughter’s home is filled with love. As a family we have seen God answer our prayers, and we are so thankful.  

I wanted to write this to encourage others to not give up on God. He hears your prayers and will work amazing miracles as you trust in Him. We have seen how God restores that which the locusts have eaten and how we have been redeemed from the curse by Jesus Christ. 

Thank you so much, Pastor Prince, for your ministry. You have pointed us to Jesus and set our hearts free.  

Mrs Eric Bailey | California, United States

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