Destined to Reign 15th Anniversary Edition

Church Enjoying Amazing Testimonies after the Preaching of Grace

Pastor Prince, we came from a background where we received heavy legalistic teaching before we discovered the gospel of God’s grace.  

We had long prayer meetings four times a week, praying from 10pm till 2am in the morning. When we reached home, we still felt we hadn’t prayed enough and needed to pray another eight hours, spend more hours reading the Bible, as well as continue in praise and worship.  

We always felt we weren’t doing enough or weren’t good enough. Everything was based on our performance and our love for God. It was a continuous fight to work and work and work some more, and this continued until we were introduced to your book Destined to Reign.  

Then we found a church that preaches grace and the finished work of Jesus. Ever since then, our lives have been radically changed. I don’t struggle with sin anymore. There is just no desire to do wrong.  

Last year, God made it possible for our church to rent a place. The owner of the building told my pastor that he can rent the place for as long as he wants to and even offered to fund the renovation. We also got chairs that would normally cost R500 (about $37) each for R70 (about $5) each. In addition, two ladies and a three-year-old child were healed of cancer.  

God is just doing great things within our church! We have former gang members who were murderers and thieves coming to our services and their lives have been radically changed. People who were addicted to substances have also been set free.

There are so many more testimonies of God’s grace.  In my own personal life, we bought a house two years ago unaware then that I would be retrenched the following year. But God has been with us and He also made provision for the bond payment to be paid. I’m still waiting to be permanently employed, but I know that the best is yet to come and life can only go from better to glorious with Jesus on our side.  

I would like to thank you for taking the bold step to preach the gospel of grace. Continue to be an inspiration to this generation. Thank you for all that you do!

Sharon Van Wyk | South Africa

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