Destined to Reign 15th Anniversary Edition

Healed of Painful Hand Condition

I was introduced to Pastor Joseph Prince's teachings by my uncle. Some years ago, I bought Pastor Prince’s book, Destined to Reign, and it changed my life. I finally began to understand that it is only by Jesus’ gift of righteousness that I am justified and that it is not dependent on my own obedience. When I started to proclaim this over my life, Christ began to pour blessings over me like never before!  

For many years, I had suffered from very dry skin on my hands, which got worse over time. Because it was so dry, it would crack and bleed. It was very painful. I was also embarrassed by the way my hands looked and didn’t want people to see them. When the condition became extremely bad, I went to the doctors to see what they could do.

They prescribed me with two different types of creams. I used them for a while, but stopped because it frustrated me to have to apply the two creams several times a day. I had to use one of the creams whenever I washed my hands with soap. This skin condition caused me great distress and I felt hopeless thinking it would never be healed. Sometimes I thought that God wouldn’t heal me because my condition wasn’t as serious or as important as other diseases people had.  

However, as I continued to read Pastor Prince’s book and watched his sermons, faith began to rise in me. I started to believe that God would heal me. I remember proclaiming multiple times that because Christ had born all my sicknesses on His body on the cross, I was already healed. It was a matter of time I would see my symptoms disappear. As time passed, my condition would sometimes get better, but just when I thought I was healed, it would suddenly get worse.  

Then one day, I remember giving all my worries, including my skin condition, to Jesus. I stopped worrying about it after that and almost forgot about it because it was no longer on my mind constantly. After some time, I checked my hands and realized that they were completely smooth. The skin on them was not dry at all! I waited to see if the dryness would come back, but it didn't. I had been completely healed!  

I want to thank Pastor Prince for sharing the true gospel of Christ that has brought me into the deepest and most intimate relationship with Jesus that I never thought possible. It has changed my life and I wish to see it change the lives of others too. Continue to preach the grace of God, Pastor Prince!

Hope Burmeister | New Zealand

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