Destined to Reign 15th Anniversary Edition

Overcoming Bad Habits and Seeing Excellent Grades

Since I was a little boy, I have tried to please God by my performance and obedience. When I sinned by doing or not doing something, I would feel totally condemned and depressed. And the more I tried to get rid of a bad habit by self-discipline, the more I continued in it.  

Right after graduation from high school, I received Joseph Prince’s book, Destined To Reign. Through that book, I understood that God is fully pleased with me—not based on my works, but on the PERFECT finished work of Jesus at the cross!  

Since then, I began confessing that I am righteous in Christ Jesus whenever I missed the mark. I was finally able to overcome many wrong habits and attitudes. The fruits of right believing sprouted quickly. I went from a 1.76 Grade Point Average (GPA) in high school to a 4.00 GPA in my first semester in college.  

Moreover, as I began to listen to Joseph Prince’s teachings, such as “Jesus’ Gift of Righteousness Has Made You an Heir of the World” and many others, I began to be more conscious of Jesus and not of my performance. Faith was the result!  

Even though I was financially secure at a school as a business major after my first year of college, God led me to seek a Christ-centered education in the medical field. This appeared to be impossible as the tuition fee was really high and totally impossible for my family to pay. But as I continued to believe God and received His grace toward me through Christ Jesus, I began to see obstacle after obstacle being moved. Today, half of my tuition fee has been paid off and He is already working on clearing the rest for me!  

I am glad I decided to follow His Spirit and rest in His finished work! I want to thank God for His faithfulness, and Pastor Joseph Prince and his ministry team. Praise the Lord!

Cristian Climaco | Texas, US

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