Destined to Reign 15th Anniversary Edition

Rescued from Impoverished Life, Enriched by God’s Love

Just over two years ago, I became unemployed and was left with no place to stay. I was also rejected by my family because all the money and luxuries I had were gone. My son and I ended up living in a village with a family in which only one person was employed as a domestic worker in a nearby town. This person made only $70 a month to feed seven people. Our living conditions were a far cry from what we were used to.  

I didn’t have money to pay my son’s school fees or buy him food. I could only watch as he struggled to get used to the new living conditions, and ate food that was sometimes taken out of dustbins. We did not have enough money to buy basic toiletries. We even had to sleep in a room where there were strange sounds coming through the ceiling at night, causing my son to have frequent nightmares.

During that period, I chose to believe that the Lord was in full control of my life and that things were in the process of changing. Through it all, I chose to put all my faith in God, knowing that He would restore and change my life. I knew that God loved me and it hurt Him to see me go through all of this. I also knew that He would bring to pass what He had promised in His Word.  

The Bible and Pastor Joseph Prince’s book, Destined to Reign, became my best friends. I devoured the book and the Bible, choosing to focus on the many blessings I was already enjoying—such as perfect eyesight, health, joy, peace, having Jesus in my life, and living in a country where I was free to be a Christian.  

A year later, the Lord blessed me with a good job, a car, a home and a wonderful man I’m getting married to later this year. My son sleeps peacefully now. Above all, my knowledge of our Lord Jesus has grown. I watch Pastor Prince on Trinity Broadcasting Network, buy his resources and listen to his sermons in the car and the office. My fiancé is also madly in love with Jesus. We are sold-out to Him and to the gospel of grace, sharing it wherever we go.  

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for revealing the beauty of our Lord Jesus in such a simple but powerful way. Thank you for making us fall in love with Jesus. We love and appreciate you so much. We pray that the Lord continues to bless the true gospel to the ends of the earth. Peace and blessings to you, Wendy, and the kids.

Anonymous | South Africa

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